Thursday, December 10, 2009

Triple Tree Log Home Seasonal Soy Candles and Soaps


Bill and I have created our new business, "Triple Tree Log Home Seasonal Soy Candles and Soaps!"  They sold well at our Open House, and now we have them for sale at the Yellow Umbrella at the Carnegie Community Arts Center in downtown Somerset, KY.  We have developed 6 essential oil combinations of the soy candles and soaps:  5 oz soap sells for $5 a bar, and 8 oz candles sell for $8 a tin, and soap trays we make ourselves from glass or aluminum sell for $8 each.  Purchase any combo and get one dollar off the final price.  Need any for yourself or others?  Call or email us!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Be sure to stop by our Open House this weekend at 305 Triple Tree Lane, Monticello.  We are half way between Somerset and Monticello.  Hours: 11-6 each day.  We have also got a new line of natural soy candles and soaps to try!  Free gifts, and bring company!

Who I am grateful for!!!

This is our little Sofia at Thanksgiving at our house, dressed as a ballerina and sipping "tea" from her VaVa's 55 year old tea set.  That's my girl!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Goddess of Lobe / Open house

Went to Louisville to make merry with my Goddess Robbie. Had a great time eating and talking with friends. Robbie's shop at Mellwood is as fascinating as she is!!!