Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The St. James Art Fair has come a long way from buying gas lights in 1957 to presently being ranked the #1 Fine Art and Design Show in the country!!!  This rating was made by the art fair industry standard, Sunshine Artist Magazine!  Bill and I will be part of 750 artists and over the next few days we will be visited by some of the 200,000 shoppers!  Just setting up on the streets housing huge Victorian homes takes us all day.  We arrive very early on Thursday in order to get our car and trailer in to unload!  But, we do it because there is not another art fair like this one!  The artists are friendly, the art is spectacular and the artists travel from all over the world!   During the first decade I was part of St. James I used to tell customers, "Come early on Friday before the crowd arrives!"  But later teachers chose Friday as a holiday, so now Fridays are packed with customers too!  As to parking, swing into any of the private pay parking lots and shorten your walk to the fair.  If you happen to score a free street parking place, all the better!  Wear good walking shoes and bring a water bottle and cell phone.  Weather will be in the low 60's with no rain so its perfect for almost everyone!  Hope to see you as you travel down Magnolia AV, between 3rd and 4th Streets!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


ART FACT #3:  St. James Ct. Art Fair is actually 6 shows in one!  After the original neighborhood established the Art Fair around the St. James Ct. fountain and refurbished it, other streets in the neighborhood did the same.  Now we have six actual art fairs where artists apply to set up and sell: St. James Ct.; Belgravia Ct.; Forth St.; 1300 Third Assoc.; 3rd St. Assoc.; and West End Baptist Church!  (Each is as big as a regular art fair!) Bill and I sell on Magnolia Street, between 3rd and 4th Streets and we are part of the 1300 Third Assoc.  We love our location and street!  It tickles me that every year there are "illegal arti-liens" that try to slip in and sell in unforseen places.  People get upset.  Its all part of the creative adventure of St. James Ct. Art Show!  If you come and visit, you probably won't even know one street from another, or notice the legals from the "art-liens!"  You will just be awed by it all!  If you chose to, you can even purchase a T-shirt or a Poster by this year's winning artist, Kieth Simon, in the photo above!  For more information, contact, or visit my site,  

Thursday, September 22, 2011


FACT #2:  Aside from being one of the largest art fairs, St. James Court also contains the highest concentration of residential homes with stained glass windows in America!!!  And, these windows are in the wonderful Victorian houses that fill this third largest Historical District and neighborhood in the USA!  That's a lot of old beauty to view as you visit the St. James Art Fair!  I am not sure that you will see that giant champagne bottle by the house in the photo, but, hey, come and see....., or visit my website for my show information:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


FACT #1:  This 55 year old art fair actually started out as a way to pay the bills!  The old neighborhood had crumbling fountains and no street lights in 1957.  Malclom Bird held the first art fair with music and art on a clothesline.  It worked, as the $700 they earned bought the St. James Court its 20 street lights!