Sunday, November 6, 2011


My granddaughter is ONE!  I was asked to make a veggie tray for her birthday party of 50 people!  The theme was vintage with little red wagons and sock monkeys.  I felt like the pressure was on--as I am an artist and my daughter-in-love has unbounded faith in me to come up with great stuff!  So, I put together the themes and came up with a road map of vegetable patches, flower gardens and bugs.  With a little help from the computer for the radish bugs, mice and flowers ideas, I took one large tray and made Bill get to chopping!  I divided the tray using tape and long strips of a plastic lettuce-mix container to make a forked road.  I also used strips of large plastic cups and taped them down to create circles for the flower beds.  All the layers were a little bit shorter than the outer edges of the tray.  Then, with Bill's help, filled the rounds and straight rows with veggies, fruits, olives and pickles.  Brocolli florets filled in the spaces in between and hid all the problem areas.  The wagon?  Just a Christmas box cut down with cheap yo-yo wheels attached and then filled with toothpicks.  The veggie tray was a hit, my daughter-in-love still thinks I am an artist genius, and my granddaughter happily ate all the raspberries and hummus dip!

The tray was very large and the materials were very cheap!!!

The taping off of the tray did not take long as I knew my brocolli florets would hide imperfections!

Here is where I brag on MY daughter-in-love's decorations!!!  I think the party was wonderful and beautiful, just as she had envisioned months ago.  Once she had the idea, she began collecting the different items she would need from Amazon!  The Cracker Jack boxes were the favors, she made her own red velvet cupcakes and banners, and our neighbor provided most of the darling sock monkeys from HER grandson's birthday two weeks ago.  The only hitch in the whole party and prep was the smash cake for my granddaughter:  she got a taste of the red and blue icing and burst into tears.  Seems this girl likes raspberries and hummus dip better!!!

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  1. Uber cool.. but we need bigger pics of the actual tray... can't see all the details.. :-) mght be too late seeing as M already ate it all up :-)