Tuesday, May 3, 2011


John and Mabel Ringling were a couple who loved each other and together bought one of the most wonderul art collections in the world.  They chose to build thier estate in Sarasota and then donated it to the state of Florida.   We visited the grounds, mansion and museums.  Wow.  A great couple.  A great circus.  A great place!  Inside the Visitors Center is a 400 year old theator from Italy.  It was near here that Bill was attacked by a huge stone bird and then a tiger!  I just ran around like I owned the place!
Oh, and Mabel?  She may become the inspiration for a new pendant I will create.  When she collected art she would often pay MORE for the piece than was called for.  I liked that about her!  (When we are not traveling, we are making art.  See it on our website: jamisonbrumm.com)

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