Monday, June 27, 2011


Lady Fra-Ga and I had a wonderful art fair, thanks to the wonderful friends who visited us!  Due to extremely fabulous weather (cool and clear), a beautiful new venue (Equus Run Vineyard rocks!) and the energetic and helpful staff of Franscisco Farm Art Fair, it could not have been more fun or successful!  I worked the whole fair and could not partake of the wine, but as you can see, Lady Fra-Ga goofed off and just pooped out on me.  But, NOT before she showed off her new line of Lady Fra-Ga 'ass'-cessories which were a hit!  I hope the event draws more and more art lovers in the coming years.  As Bill and I joined the Wine Club there, he and I will be in and out ourselves, though it is a 2 hour drive from home.  (That is how much we loved the place.)  I realized through a texting special I ran Saturday and Sunday that many of my customers are needing some tech knowledge.  I hope to soon post some of the things I have learned from my very savy sons.  And, since Lady Fra-Ga is here and fully (most of the time) full of herself and very creative, you may like to watch her in her new role as my side-'kick'!  The weather was so nice, her past company, Big Ass Fans, did not have the heat to show off in!  But, she is my mascot now.  What?  Oh, forgive me, but Lady Fra-Ga is calling for more aspirin...............

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