Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Today I introduced Lady Fra-Ga to our beautiful Carnegie Community Arts Center's director, Lady Diane Giddens.  Before I knew it, Lady Di was proudly wearing Lady Fra-Ga's largest loops!  (Lady Di has always been one of my works' biggest fans!  Now, heaven help us if these two spend alot of time together!)
Then, before I could turn around, artist CeCe Butcher fell in love with Lady Fra-Ga and purchased a pair for herself!  Below is a work of art in progress that one can view downstairs in the Carnegie Center.  Her large, colorful, quilt-like works come alive before visitors eyes!  CeCe is the Master Musician's Artist this year (more on that later!).   
Finally, we were able to display Lady Fra-Ga's Ass-cessories in the Sheltowee Art Shop on the main floor.  Located at 107 N Main ST, Somerset, KY, our shop is our region's first and only artist Co-Op shop and entirely run by local artists.  Hours are Tuesday-Friday, 11-2pm.  Stop in to meet an artist and view the hundreds of original, well-made art and crafts!

For more information on our Sheltowee Art Shop and the Carnegie Community Arts Center, check out my website under the "SHOPS" button:  http://www.jamisonbrumm.com/ 

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