Friday, June 10, 2011

HAIR! MAKEUP! LIGHTS! Oh, My Lady Fra-ga gets a MAKEOVER!

Frannie simply went all out during the makeover!  (Ofcourse, she is 'ga-ga' over the star she is impersonating.)  The longest of straight, blond hair; the reddest of lips; eye makeup that would make Cleopatra envious.  And, ofcourse, hot pink duck tape as the standard.  I am getting her costume ready while she primps.  Monday, the high heel will be ready to be showcased.  Tuesday is her coming out party!  Then we make jewelry for the Art Fair where she will shine (we hope!) as OH MY LADY FRA-GA!  Join us if you can at Franciscos Farm Art Fair, June 25 & 26 at Equus Run Vineyards!  (Use the SHARE buttons below to give her extra coverage.  We are trying to be the most popular Frannie at the art fair and we need all the help we can get!  Check out the art fair where she and I will be:    

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  1. And I thought her shoe was spectacular, that hair is amazing!! Fra-Ga is on her way to being the bell of Francisco! What a little monster. : )