Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Lady Fra-Ga's transformation is complete!  She will be on the 'catwalk' of Fransisco Farm Art Fair June 25 and 26 wearing this zebra patterned sequin cape, just covering her tiny black lace string top and thong (her idea, not mine!).  Her tiara, which is so heavy she wears a neck brace to hold it up, is silver and gold stars, hot pink rhinestone, and a red feather spray.  The jewelry she is wearing is all Lady Fra-Ga and will be on sale at the fair (she is demanding 10% of the proceeds!).  Going barefoot is putting emphasis on the fact that she is atop a 10 inch hot pink high heel where she is able to play her keyboard at the heel.  I love her, but until this art fair is over, I am not ga-ga over her newly found attitude (tears, pushing hair back, drama, and calling her friends little monsters)!  But, moms out there: we know this attitude well from our teenagers!  And, she has come a long way from simple mule to this.  She deserves the fame!  (Use the SHARE buttons below to give her extra coverage.  We are trying to be the most popular Fannie at the art fair and we need all the help we can get!  Check out the art fair where she and I will be: www.franciscosfarm.org.)  

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